Felipe Luis Mazadiego

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Luis F. Mazadiego is a mining engineer, doctor, and professor at the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM). He teaches in several master’s degree subjects (Mining Engineering, Energy Engineering, Research, Modeling and Risk Analysis in the Environment, Oil and Gas Engineering, Teacher Training) and is oriented, in many cases, to the planning and management of projects. For his research on the applications of surface geochemistry, he obtained the Extraordinary Doctorate Award and the Juan Artieda Award. He is an elected member of INHIGEO, a scientific association dependent on UNESCO. He has participated in research projects on environment, mining heritage, shale gas, and natural radioactivity and published more than 100 scientific articles and congress communications.

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Geochemistry has become an essential subject to understand our origins and face the challenges that humanity will meet in the near future. This book presents several studies that have geochemistry as their central theme, from the description of different geological formations, through its use for the characterization of contaminated sites and their possible impact on ecosystems and human health, as well as the importance of geochemical techniques as a complement to other current scientific disciplines. Through the different chapters, the reader will be able to approach the world of geochemistry in several of its subfields (e.g. environmental, isotope, or biogeochemistry) and learn through practical cases.

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