Lucia Pirvu

Senior Researcher

Biochemist (1989-1994, University of Bucharest, Faculty of Biology, Specialization Biochemistry ) with Master Degree in Molecular Biology (1994-1995) and Doctor in Chemistry (2003-2008, Politehnica University Bucharest). Senior researcher at National Institute of Chemical-Pharmaceutical R&D, Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies, Plant Extract Laboratory, Bucharest - Romania. With 18 years of experience (1995-2013) in the field of the obtaining of new, herbal-based products and technologies combining selective or purified fractions, and involving fundamental and applicative researches, as well. Project manager or project partner in a number of 14 national projects (PN, CEEX, Biotech, Orizont, Grant and Nucleu) and 2 memberships in FP(6,7).

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