Dhastagir Sultan Sheriff

University of Benghazi

Dhastagir Sultan Sheriff received his Masters and Doctoral Degree, in 1971 and 1977 respectively, in Medical Biochemistry, Chennai, India. Devoted to teaching, he taught in medical schools for 35 years, and visited 45 countries while doing so. Dr. Sheriff attended 46 international conferences and organized 2 international conferences in medical ethics in India. He is a life member of European Society for Human Reproduction and Early Human Development, he is also a member of American Association of Clinical Chemistry, Association of physiologists and pharmacologists of India, member of National Academy of Medical Sciences, New Delhi, and resource person for UNESCO for Medical and Bioethics. Dr. Sheriff has authored five books including a text book on Medical Biochemistry with additional interest in Human Sexology. He had editorials written in British Journal of Sexology, Journal of Royal Society of Medicine, Postgraduate Medicine, Scientist, former Rotarian, Citizen Ambassador, and was selected for Ford Foundation Fellowship.

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Infertility is a major public health concern and medical condition that afflicts millions globally. As such, many people seek reproductive care with the goal of receiving a proper diagnosis and a successful outcome using assisted reproductive technology (ART). Infertility: Assisted Methods of Reproduction and Hormonal Assays provides an overview of ART methods and discusses recent trends in the field. Chapters cover an array of topics including diagnosis of infertility using hormonal assays, adverse outcomes of ART, oocyte donation, cryopreservation of oocytes and embryos and psychosocial care.

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