Marta Strutyńska-Karpińska

Wrocław Medical University Poland

Author, Professor Marta Strutyńska-Karpińska graduated from Medical University in Wrocław. He has worked at the Department and Clinic of Gastrointestinal and General Surgery of Medical University in Wrocław, a unique scientific and clinical center in Poland, which over 30 years, encompasses all aspects of esophageal diseases treatment. Surgery of gastrointestinal tract is of great interest of author and esophageal surgery occupies the major place. Knowledge, experience and high qualifications in clinical practice he achieved under the guidance of Professor Zdzisław Jezioro and Professor Mieczysław Bernat, their predecessors and teachers. The scientific output of the author consists of over 400 studies in the field of surgery, among them are 2 books devoted to esophageal surgery.

Marta Strutyńska-Karpińska

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The present book, based on knowledge and great experience of the authors includes a wide study problem of reconstructive esophageal surgery with use of pedicled intestinal segments, in detail discusses vascular anatomy of intestines, difficulties and threats which may occur intraoperatively, presents diagnostic procedures and treatment standards of early postoperative complications as well as late complications that lead to diseases of esophageal substitutes. Authors also discuss a function of various substitutive esophagi. The book complements professional literature in the field of esophageal surgery.

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Esophageal Reconstruction IntechOpen
Esophageal Reconstruction Authored by Marta Strutyńska-Karpińska

Esophageal Reconstruction

Authored by Marta Strutyńska-Karpińska