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Mustafa Ergen graduated from Abant İzzet Baysal University’s Department of Landscape Architecture in 2000 in Turkey. In 2005, he completed his first master’s degree at the Gebze Institute of Technology in Urban and Regional Planning in Turkey and his second master’s degree at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Landscape Architecture, Germany, in 2006. He studied Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing at the Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Chania between 2007 and 2008 in Greece and was granted a specialization diploma in Environmental Management. He received the Dr.-Ing. degree at the Technical University of Dortmund, Germany, in 2013. In 2005, he started his professional life at the Yüzüncü Yıl University, Turkey, as a Research Assistant. Between 2010 and 2016, he worked in the Department of Urban Design and Landscape Architecture at Amasya University in Turkey. Currently, He works in the Department of Architecture at Siirt University in Turkey. He speaks English fluently, he has an intermediate level of the German language, and his mother tongue is Turkish. His studies focus on cityscapes, urban and landscape planning, design, and Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing.

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The rapid urbanization that began with industrialization has begun to cause many problems. New approaches are emerging today to minimize these problems and make urban areas more livable. These problems include insufficient social facilities in urban areas for increasing populations due to migration and unbalanced use of green areas, water, and energy resources due to urbanization. Careless consumption and the pollution of natural resources will cause people many more problems in the future than they do today in urban development. Many professional disciplines have noticed this unbalanced development in urban areas. Urban areas have larger populations than rural areas today. Urban areas are developed neglectfully. Sustainability is needed as a criterion for urban areas to develop in a more livable and healthy fashion. Sustainable urban development approaches are seen in many fields, ranging from land use to the use of natural resources in urban areas.

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