Jorge Del Real Olvera

Centre for Research and Assistance in Technology and Design of the State of Jalisco

Jorge Del Real-Olvera is currently Senior Research in the area of Environmental Technology at Centre of Research and Assistance in Technology and Design of the State of Jalisco (CIATEJ) in Mexico. He completed his Ph.D. in Environmental Science awarded by the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, Mexico. He conducted postdoctoral studies with Environmental Electrochemistry group of the Autonomous Metropolitan University on diverse aspects of environmental pollution. He is a Project Leader in various topics (from the field of chemical and environmental engineering) like quantification of air pollution and wastewater treatment of diverse food industries. He has publications in peer-reviewed journals, technical papers, chapters, books and presentations at various environmental and chemical congresses.

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Sustainability should be a key component of every process of production, safeguarding resources and reserves for future generations. The primary goal of this book is to cover the state-of-the-art and future directions in sustainable drying technologies. This interdisciplinary and comprehensive volume, consisting of five chapters, covers a survey of trends in sustainable drying technologies for the development of functional foods, spray drying of juice, thermostability of freeze-dried for plants and evaporative drying of low rank coal. After reading this book, I am certain that you will find justified reasons to start your own personal and social awareness campaign in favour of these effective technologies.

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