Dustin Rae

Washington State UniversityUnited States of America

I am very interested in Genetic Engineering and Tissue Engineering/Regeneration. I am in my second year for my PhD at Washington State University for Pharmaceutical Sciences. I currently work with Dr. Trobridge, Assistant Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences. I am currently studying iPS cell reprogramming for many therapeutic applications including muscle therapies. Prior to this appointment, I volunteered as an undergrad researcher and have significant experience in constructing retroviral vectors by plasmid cloning, and producing retroviral vector preparations for gene delivery. My long-term goals are to develop safer and more efficient viral mediated reprogramming of adult somatic cells to pluripotent stem cell states for regenerative therapies, and one-day whole organ regeneration. I am also involved with several oncology studies, and am currently focused on acute myeloid Leukemia and the gene networks involved in this disease progression. Using insertional mutagenesis screens, we hope to identify driver and collaborator genes in order to develop biomarkers for earlier detection and patient specific treatment.

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