Aydın Özdemir

Ankara University Turkey

AYDIN OZDEMIR received his BSc and MSc degrees in Landscape Architecture from Ankara University Department of Landscape Architecture. He attended to Urban Design Masters Program of Middle East Technical University for three years. He graduated from North Carolina State University Community and Environmental Design PhD Program in 2005, where he conducted research on environmental psychology, perception of landscape, user behaviors, site design and participatory community design. He is a faculty member of Ankara University Department of Landscape Architecture since 1998. He is interested in developing principles of integrating research and teaching in departments of landscape architecture. He attended several conferences and presented papers about social-psychological methods in landscape design, research-teaching nexus, site design and grading, sustainable design and participatory approaches in design. He specializes in landscape design, physical and sociological assessments of urban public spaces and landscape engineering with a focus on site design. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, Journal of Applied Sciences and International Journal of Agricultural Research. He reviews papers for leading scientific journals such as Journal of Environmental Psychology (Elsevier) and Journal of Agricultural Sciences (TUBITAK). His paper titled “Assessment of Outdoor School Environments and Physical Activity in Ankara’s Primary Schools” was published in Journal of Environmental Psychology. His other papers were published in leading journals such as Field Methods, Polish Journal of Environmental Sciences, International Journal of Architectural Research (IJAR), Journal of Research in Architecture and Planning (JRAP), Journal of Applied Sciences, and Bulgarian Journal of Science and Education Policy (BJSEP).

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