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National Technical University of Athens

Michael Sakellariou is a professor emeritus of Geomechanics and Engineering Structures at the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He studied Civil Engineering and Rural and Surveying Engineering at NTUA. He holds an MSc in Engineering Rock Mechanics from Imperial College London, and he obtained his PhD in Applied Mechanics from NTUA (1989). In his professional career, he was collaborator of engineering companies in major infrastructure projects. His teaching experience covers engineering mechanics, continuum mechanics, geotechnical engineering, soil mechanics and foundations, and engineering materials at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. His interests cover experimental mechanics, analytical and computational methods in geotechnical engineering, application of artificial intelligent and GIS in geotechnical engineering, structures monitoring using optical fiber sensors, and tectonic fault stress analysis.

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This volume presents basic notions and fundamental properties of granular materials covering a wide spectrum of granular material mechanics. The granular materials may behave as fluids or solids or both. The grain size may span from microscopic to macroscopic scale. From the wet sand effect, Reynolds inspired in 1885 the notion of granular universe introducing the term "dilatancy." Bak, Tan, and Wisenfeld (1987, 1988) used the sand pile as a representative model of complex systems. In this collection of chapters, granular dynamics, granular flow from dilute to jammed states, dynamics of granular gas in microgravity, particle jetting induced by impulsive loadings, particle migration phenomena in embankment dams, and the grading entropy-based criteria of granular materials and filters are presented.

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