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Institute of Technology and Life Sciences Poland

Leszek Labedzki graduated in water management and hydrology from the Technical University of Warsaw, Poland, in 1978. From the beginning of his research activity until today he has been working in the Institute of Technology and Life Sciences at Falenty, Poland, where he has been an assistant, senior assistant, lecturer, associate professor and professor. His research interests are agrometeorology and agricultural water management, comprising wide problems of water conditions in soils and agricultural areas, especially evapotranspiration, irrigation water requirements, water circulation in the soil-plant-atmosphere system and water distribution in agricultural areas. He teaches water management and operation of irrigation systems at the University of Technology and Life Sciences in Bydgoszcz, Poland.

Leszek Labedzki

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Evapotranspiration is a very complex phenomenon, comprising different aspects and processes (hydrological, meteorological, physiological, soil, plant and others). Farmers, agriculture advisers, extension services, hydrologists, agrometeorologists, water management specialists and many others are facing the problem of evapotranspiration. This book is dedicated to further understanding of the evapotranspiration problems, presenting a broad body of experience, by reporting different views of the authors and the results of their studies. It covers aspects from understandings and concepts of evapotranspiration, through methodology of calculating and measuring, to applications in different fields, in which evapotranspiration is an important factor. The book will be of benefit to scientists, engineers and managers involved in problems related to meteorology, climatology, hydrology, geography, agronomy and agricultural water management. We hope they will find useful material in this collection of papers.

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