Zhi-Hui Li

China Aerodynamics Research and Development CenterChina

 Rarefied Gas Dynamics : (1) Engineering calculation on aerodynamics of 3-D complex body using rarefied local bridge methods. (2) DSMC method for shock structures, and one-, two- and three-dimensional rarefied flows past spacecrafts. (3) Coupled computation of N-S/DSMC for multi-species mixture plume.  Computational Fluid Dynamics: (1) Develop coupling and iteration numerical methods based on the unsteady time-splitting finite difference technique. (2) Numerical simulations for one-, two- and three-dimensional flows using the NND finite difference scheme.  Gas-Kinetic Numerical Algorithm for Various Flow Regimes: (1) Study gas-kinetic schemes for flows in the entire range of Knudsen number by solving simplified Boltzmann velocity distribution function equation. (2) Numerical simulations for one-, two- and three-dimensional flows from various flow regimes using gas-kinetics of Boltzmann and CFD. (3) Discrete velocity ordinate method and numerical quadrature techniques in the kinetic theory of gases.  Parallel Computing: (1) Develop gas-kinetic parallel algorithm and software in high performance computer. (2) HPF parallel computation using CFD based on the kinetic theory for 3-D complex flows.  Numerical Simulation on Micro-Scale Gas Flows in MEMS: (1) Gas kinetic numerical algorithm for micro-scale flows of MEMS using Boltzmann model equation. (2) Develop gas-kinetic algorithm programs for gas flows in micro-channels with various Knudsen numbers and Mach numbers.

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