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University of South Florida United States of America

Dean F. Martin, Ph.D. is a distinguished university professor of chemistry emeritus at the University of South Florida, where he joined the faculty in 1964, attaining emeritus status in 2006. Trained as an inorganic chemist, his research interests have been concerned with applications of coordination chemistry to a range of problems including use of ion-exchange chromatography in the synthesis of organothallium perchlorates, red tide outbreaks, management of nuisance aquatic plants, and removal of nuisance anions and pharmaceuticals from the environment. He is the author or co-author of over three hundred articles in refereed journals, five books and has over 25 years of editorial experience.

Dean Martin

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This book is characterized by three important features. The authors represent an impressive collection of international workers from Brazil, China, Egypt, Poland, Turkey, and the United States. The majority of the chapters reflect the importance of collaborative efforts in contemporary research. Finally, some chapters are especially useful because of the experimental details that are provided. And it is to be hoped that readers will find that the chapters are both informative and inspirational.

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