Leszek A. Dobrzański

Medical and Dental Engineering Centre for Research, Design and Production ASKLEPIOS in Gliwice

Prof. Leszek Adam Dobrzanski, Hon. Prof., Dr HC (multi), DSc, PhD, MSc, Eng., born in 1947, is a full professor of Materials Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering, Nanotechnology, Medical and Dental Engineering, Management and Organisation. He is one of the 55 most frequently cited contemporary Polish scientists of all disciplines. He is the supervisory board chairman, project manager, principal investigator and director of the Science Centre in the Medical and Dental Engineering Centre for Research, Design and Production ASKLEPIOS in Gliwice, Poland. He is an honorary professor of the ‘Lviv Polytechnic’ National University in Lvov, Ukraine, and a doctor honoris causa of the Universities in Ruse, Bulgaria; in Miskolc, Hungary; and in Khmelnitsky, Ukraine. He is a fellow of the Materials Science Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences (PAS) and the president of the Metallic Materials Section of this Committee. He is the vice president and a fellow of the Academy of Engineers in Poland. He is a foreign fellow of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Slovak Academy of Engineering Sciences. He is the president of the World Academy of Materials and Manufacturing Engineering and president of the International Association of Computational Materials Science and Surface Engineering. He is the editor in chief of the Journal of Achievements in Materials and Manufacturing Engineering, Archives of Materials Science and Engineering and Open Access Library. He organised ca. 100 international conferences in Poland and was the member of the scientific committees of the next more as 100 conferences around the world. He advised 62 finished PhD degree theses and ca. 1000 MSc and BSc degree theses and is the author of as many as 2500 publications, more than 50 books, 50 chapters and 50 patents. He has received a lot of awards, including Gold Medals of William Johnson, Albert Schweitzer, Ferdinand Martinengo, Tadeusz Sendzimir, Rudolf Clausius and Wieslaw Chladek et al., and the orders and the crosses, including Commander’s Crosses of Rebirth of Poland and ‘Merite de L’Invention’ by the Kingdom of Belgium. He has also won ca. 80 awards on International Innovation Fairs around the world.

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The book presents the fundamentals and the role of powder metallurgy in contemporary technologies and the state of the art of classical powder metallurgy technologies and a general description of new variants and special and hybrid technologies used in powder metallurgy. The next part includes over a dozen case studies provided in the following chapters, comprehensively describing authors' accomplishments of numerous teams from different countries across the world in advanced research areas relating to powder metallurgy and to special and hybrid technologies. The detailed information, largely deriving from own and original research and R&D works pursued by the authors, will be beneficial for the readers to develop their knowledge and harmonise specific information concerning these topics and will convince the manufacturers about the advantages of using the powder metallurgy technology in many branches of industry.

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