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Dr. Lee Roy Morgan, MD, PhD, is a clinical pharmacologist and oncologist whose research interests are focused on the development of new and novel agents that penetrate the CNS and are effective against both primary and metastatic malignancies involving the CNS. Dr. Lee Roy Morgan received his PhD degree in organic chemistry from Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana, in 1960. He completed his postdoctoral studies at Imperial College, University of London, in 1961. In 1971, he received his MD degree from Louisiana State University Medical School. From 1961 to 1986, he was a professor and the chairman of the Department of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapies, Louisiana State University Medical School, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. He founded Dekk-Tec, Inc., in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1983 and is the CEO and director of research. In addition, he is an adjunct professor of Medicine in Tulane University School of Medicine and adjunct professor of Chemistry in the University of New Orleans, Louisiana. He has published over 200 research articles and book chapters. Dr. Morgan is married with four children and seven grandchildren.

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A novel concept that is reviewed and discussed in several chapters in the book alludes to the transport of drugs bound to red blood cells into the highly vascular CNS tumors - both primary and metastatic. Such a transport mechanism is unique and of significant therapeutic potential. It is hopeful that the novel information presented in this book will result in new approaches to the treatment CNS tumors.

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