Madhuri Gore

National Geophysical Research InstituteIndia

Dr.Gore has been faculty at L T M medical college department of surgery for 30 years and chief of surgery for 11 years. Her fields of interest have been burn and wound care, venous disorders and trauma. As chief of burn care for more than 20 years, she has conducted several research projects, clinical trials and has developed banana leaf dressing and contributed to development of wound care products. Having established the first Allograft Skin bank in India in April 2000 and she introduced the concept of skin donation after death to Indian society. Besides being a sought after speaker, she has contributed more than 50 articles to journals and 8 chapters to different books.Dr. Gore’s contribution to training and research in these areas has been acknowledged with awards, orations and felicitations.

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Split thickness skin grafting procedure is a simple but essential and important one to achieve closure of a full thickness or deep partial thickness skin defect. It needs to be performed with care and precision for successful outcome. The present publication is devoted to skin grafts. Three important components of this procedure are preparation of wound bed, fixation of skin grafts to the recipient area to improve possibility of graft take and management of skin graft donor area for both full thickness and split thickness grafts. The chapters have been distributed in these three sections.

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