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Marmara University

Sezgin Ersoy is an Associate Professor of Mechatronics Engineering and Material Science. After graduating from Marmara University, he became a faculty member at the same university. His publications include a variety of efforts to understand changes in automotive mechatronics, polymer science and biomedical technologies. He was granted fellowship at the TUBİTAK at Bourgogne University ISAT and spent one year as a visiting fellow there to study several projects between 2014 through 2015. He is the author of chapter Science Education in a Rapidly Changing World, USA 2011, and the author in Acoustic Properties of Bio Materials, Stuttgart, 2010. He has two science national awards and is an Editorial Member of several scientific journals.

Sezgin Ersoy

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Long-term forecasting of technology has become extremely difficult due to the rapid realization of any suggested idea. Communication and software technologies can compensate for the problems that may arise during the transition period between idea generation and realization. However, this rapid process can cause problems for the automotive industry and transportation systems.Autonomous vehicles are currently a hot topic within the transportation sector. This development is related to the compatibility of vehicles of the near future with the development of the infrastructure on which these vehicles will be based. There are certain problems regarding the solutions that are currently being worked on, such as how autonomous should vehicles be, their control mechanisms, driving safety, energy requirements, and environmental use. The problem is not just about the design of autonomous vehicles. The user transportation systems of these vehicles also need problem-free solutions. The problem should not only be seen as financial because sociological effects are an important part of this feature.In this book, valuable research on the modeling, systems, transportation, technological necessity, and logistics of autonomous vehicles is presented. The content of the book will help researchers to create ideas for their future studies and to open up the discussion of autonomous vehicles.

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