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Prof. Krzysztof Biernat Ph.D. (Mech.Eng.), acting as Head of Department of Fuels and Bioeconomy and Coordinator of Polish Technology Platform for Biofuels also is a member of Coordination Committee of Polish Technology Platform of Bioeconomy. He is also a lecturer at University Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski. He is a member of Scientific Board of Automotive Industry Institute as a chairman of the science commission. He is a leading expert in International Renewable Energy Agency, and expert in International Energy Agency and many Operational Programmes. He specializes in chemical thermodynamics of environmental processes as well as obtaining technologies, quality evaluation and use of exploitative liquids, including biofuels, and biorafinery systems. He received many national and foreign distinctions, decoration and orders for scientific and pro-innovative activities. He is an author of above 250 publications in area of properties and exploitative conditionings of fuels, biofuels and other liquids as well as environmental protection.

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The edited volume presents the progress of first and second generation biofuel production technology in selected countries. Possibility of producing alternative fuels containing biocomponents and selected research methods of biofuels exploitation characteristics (also aviation fuels) was characterized. The book shows also some aspects of the environmental impact of the production and biofuels using, and describes perspectives of biofuel production technology development. It provides the review of biorefinery processes with a particular focus on pretreatment methods of selected primary and secondary raw materials. The discussion includes also a possibility of sustainable development of presented advanced biorefinery processes.

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