Suresh Kumar Kailasa

Suresh Kumar Kailasa received his M.Sc in Chemistry of Natural Products (2001) from S. K. University, India and obtained his Ph.D in Chemistry (2005) from S. V. University, India. After completion of his Ph.D. he worked as a Scientist in Sami Labs Limited, Bangalore, India. He moved to South Korea in 2006 and started his postdoctoral programme in Chemistry Department, Chonbuk National University, South Korea. He involved the development of capillary and microchip electrophoresis for rapid identification of PCR products. After that, he started his second postdoctoral work at Department of Chemistry, National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan under the supervision of Prof. Hui-Fen Wu and here he involved that the nanomaterials-based mass spectrometry for peptides, proteins and drugs analysis. Suresh Kumar Kailasa returned to India in 2009 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Applied Chemistry at S. V. National Institute of Technology, India. His research areas include capillary electrophoresis, functionalized nanomaterials as sensors, nanomaterials-based mass spectrometry and mass spectrometry instrumentation. Suresh Kumar Kailasa has received Young Scientist Award (under Fast Track Scheme) from Department of Science and Technology, India.

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