Amira Abdelrasoul

University of Saskatchewan

Dr. Abdelrasoul\'s research interests focus on Membrane Science and Technology for Energy, Water Sustainability and Biomedical Applications, Process Modeling, Simulation and Optimization of Complex Systems, and Nanomaterials for Advanced Technologies. Her research projects focus on modeling, nanoscale molecular dynamics and computational fluid dynamics simulations, optimization, designing, developing, and synthesizing novel evolutional membranes with an advanced customized morphology that can pave the way for the sustainable engineering in the following areas: (i) Optimal membrane technologies for water and wastewater treatment, and the multiplicity of usage scenarios for various applications; (ii) Biomimetic and bioinspired membrane. Her academic excellence was recognized by numerous scholarships and academic awards from North American institutions. In addition, Dr. Abdelrasoul is a licensed Instructional Skills and Educational Development Workshops Facilitator and a fellow of the Staff and Educational Development Association. For more details on Abdelrasoul’s research profile, please visit: Or visit her lab website:

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Biomimetic and bioinspired membranes are the most promising type of membrane for multiple usage scenarios, including commercial separation applications as well as water and wastewater treatment technologies. In recent years, aquaporin biomimetic membranes (ABMs) for water purification have raised considerable interest. These membranes display uniquely favorable properties and outstanding performances, such as diverse interactions, varied selective transport mechanisms, superior stability, high resistance to membrane fouling, and distinct adaptability. Biomimetic membranes would make a significant contribution to alleviate water stress, environmental threats, and energy consumption.

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