Robert Knupple

Florida Gulf Coast University United States of America

35 years in active practice of Maternal Fetal Medicine. 25 years in academic medicine, including Chair of Ob/Gyn and Associate Dean. Also, 30 years involved in forensic medicine. 10 years as CMO and cofounder of a health corporation. Co-authored 3 textbooks and 144 peer-reviewed articles. Specialties: Healthcare consulting, medical malpractice, patient safety, quality inpatient care system management. Development of new and expanding programs. An advocate of models using the "TEAM"​ approach. In 1995 I coauthored a textbook "High-Risk Obsterics": The Team Approach. It was a seminal textbook 20 years ago translated into 3 languages fostering the concept of the TEAM approach; doctors and nurses working together. Current interest with my return to academics will continue to be improving efficiency and decreasing waste in the delivery of healthcare while introducing business models to the healthcare system. I believe this will be the future of medicine as more M&A, technology, and patient volumes increase. However, communication and personal satisfaction of the stakeholder is critical to the infrastructure.

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