A.M.A Mohamed

Dr. Adel Mohamed holds a Ph.D. degree in metallurgical engineering from Université du Québec à Chicoutimi (UQAC), Quebec, Canada, and MSc and BSc degrees in metallurgical engineering and materials from the Suez Canal University (SCU), Suez, Egypt. He has also completed postdoctoral studies at UQAC. He is working as Associate Professor at Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, SU, Egypt. He is also working as Research Professor at the University of North Texas (UNT), Texas, USA. His research focuses on the development of light metals for automotive applications and production of ceramic materials and nanotechnology of composite coatings for industrial applications. His accomplishments include around 70 publications in various international journals and conferences, and he has been Editor-in-Chief of a journal, Associate Editor of a journal, and a Reviewer for many international journals.

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Ceramic oxides typically have a combination of properties that make them attractive for many applications compared with other materials. This book attempts to compile, unify, and present a recent development for the production techniques, such as electrochemical, foaming, and microwave sintering, of rare earth ceramic oxide materials. This book presents leading-edge research in this field from around the world. Although there is no formal partition of the book, the chapters cover several preparation methods for ceramic oxides, especially for coating and electrical applications. In addition, a fabrication foaming technique for porous ceramics with tailored microstructure along with distinctive properties is provided. The information provided in this book is very useful for a board of scientists and engineers from both academia and industry.

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