Jorge Avella Castiblanco

Alstom (Belgium) Belgium

I am a Telecommunication Engineer at ALSTOM Transport. I received the B.Sc. degree in Electronics Engineering in 2007 from the National University of Colombia, the M.Sc. degree in telecommunications from Los Andes University and the PhD degree from the University of Lille (France). I have 8 years of experience in research as well as in technical projects in electronics. I started in the microelectronic research group (GMUN) of the National University in 2006. In 2007, I joined the telecommunication and electronic research group (GEST) of the Andes University. I worked in a project, which aim was to design the front-end part of a telecommunication system exposed at high temperatures for rescue activities. It was funded by the Colombian Research Institute of Science and Technology (COLCIENCIAS). In July of 2009, I joined the French Institute of Science and Technology for transport, where I completed my Ph.D. in microelectronics, nano-electronics and telecommunications. My thesis was undertaken under the METAPHORT project, which aim was to contribute to the development of wireless communication systems in the field of public transport (Metro and/or tram). In September of 2013, I joined the Xlim / CNRS laboratory. We were interested in wave propagation modeling at HF and VHF frequencies for antenna design and integration in environments including land to sea telecommunications for RADAR applications. From December 2014 to August of 2015, I worked for a start up in the development of an innovative RF electronic device for biomedical-signals monitoring. Lastly, I am currently working as a Validation & Verification Engineer for ERTMS/ETCS systems at ALSTOM transport. More specifically in the integration of the complete telecommunication system (Definition and testing of the involved protocols). In a general fashion, I am interested in working with companies/laboratories or institutes that innovates in the telecommunication domain, radio-communication applications, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), network-traffic modeling, electromagnetic modeling, numerical methods, RF circuit design, signal processing and instrumentation.

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