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Dr Charles Attah Osheku is the current Director of the Centre for Space Transport and Propulsion, Epe, Lagos, an activity Centre of the National Space Research and Development Agency (NASRDA), Nigeria. He obtained BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the Obafemi Awolowo University; MSc and PhD in Mechanical Engineering (Engineering Mechanics) from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. He is the incumbent Chairman of the Lagos Branch of Nigeria Society of Engineers\' (NSE) Space Engineering Division and a Board Member of the Division. Dr Osheku is a Research Expert in Rockets and Missiles Solid Fuel Physics, Solid Rocket Engines Design, Structural, Flow and Combustion-induced Vibrations, Aircraft and Jet Noise Modelling and Dissipation and Vibration of Laminated Structures. Dr Osheku has 63 scientific papers to his credit, published in reputable International Journals, ASME International Offshore Mechanics Conferences. He is a COREN (Nigeria) - registered Engineer and a professional member of ASME and AIAA.

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The field of lamination has developed significantly over the past 5000 years. Nowadays, we have a humongous array of structures and technological systems where composite laminates are applied. From the viewpoint of structural mechanics, an interface slip motion between two laminated structures, such as beam plate and plate in the presence of dry friction, can be utilized for slip damping systems. By scientific definition, slip damping is a mechanism exploited for dissipating noise and vibration energy in machine structures and systems. Researchers have developed several mathematical models for noise dissipation, minimization and complete vibration isolation laminated mechanisms. The purpose of this book is to describe new concepts of producing laminated structures and possible modern engineering applications.

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