Zeeshan Nawaz

SABIC, Technology & Innovation

Zeeshan Nawaz obtained his Bachelor and Master degrees in Chemical Engineering with distinction. He earned his Doctoral degree in Chemical Engineering & Technology in 2010 under supervision of Prof. Dr. Fei WEI from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. During his PhD studies, he worked on catalyst design and fluidization engineering for light alkane dehydrogenation to corresponding olefins. He was engaged in number of process design assignments since the starting of his carrier. Since 2011, he is working with SABIC Technology & Innovation in leading roles and is involved in the high fidelity reactor modeling, reactor design and performance analysis (fixed and fluidized bed), catalyst synthesis and scale-up, and various technology development activities related to light alkane dehydrogenation, ethylene oxide, MTBE, syngas conversion technologies, feedstock upgradation, isomerization, acetylene hydrogenation, etc. His in depth knowledge marked successful efforts to improve operations, revamps and designing of novel reactors. He won many awards and scholarships in his carrier, published more than 60 publications including research papers, book chapters, reviews, conference papers, etc. and about 30 international patents.