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Dr. Sinem Nalbantoglu is a senior investigator and, teaching as assistant professor in the field of Molecular Medicine and Bioengineering, and supervising Msc and PhD students. Dr. Nalbantoglu’s research focuses on OMICS based clinical biomarkers, transcriptomics, proteo-metabolomics, and systems and molecular medicine. She holds TUBITAK R&D Women Entrepreneur Inovation Award, and works as principal investigator, senior researcher, co-investigator of several partnering projects. She authored/co-authored national/international journals, book chapters, conference proceedings, presented national/international invited talks, and has been a reviewer for many scientific journals.

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Molecular medicine is an applied science focused on human genes/transcripts, proteins, metabolites, and metabolic networks that describes molecular and cellular processes of health and disease onset and progression. Molecular medicine-based integrative identification and characterization of biomarker targets and their clinical translations is essential to explain/decipher the mechanism(s) underlying physiological pathways and pathological conditions, and acquire cell-targeted early interventional and therapeutic strategies in the context of precision medicine and public health. Principally, Molecular Medicine provides an overview of the latest headlines/developments of systems and molecular medicine, highlighting the emerging high-throughput technologies, promising potential applications, and progress in biomedical research and development strategies.

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Molecular Medicine

Edited by Sinem Nalbantoglu