Özge Çelik

Istanbul Kültür University Turkey

Dr. Özge Çelik is currently working as a academic member of Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics in Istanbul Kultur University. She held the Assist. Prof. Dr. Degree at the same institute from 2010. Dr. Çelik obtained her B.Sc. from Marmara University in 2005. She obtained her Doctorate Degree from Istanbul University. Her areas of specialization include plant tissue culture, plant molecular biology and biotechnology, mutation breeding and abiotic stress tolerance. She has co-authored a laboratory book for undergraduate students titled ”Cell Biology Laboratory” with Prof. Ç.Atak. She has published over 30 papers in journals and conferences. She has been working in 4 projects as a leader and 7 projects as a researcher. She has membership in Biotechnology Federation in Turkey, EFB and FESPB. She is also owner of an agricultural biotechnology company which is funded by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey.

Özge Çelik

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Over the past decade, progress in plant science and molecular technologies has grown considerably. This book focuses on plant biotechnology applications specializing in certain aspects of breeding and molecular marker-assisted selection processes, omic strategies, usage of bioinformatic tools, and nanotechnological improvements in agricultural sciences. Most farmers and breeders can no longer simply turn to the older strategies, and new instructions are needed to adapt their systems to achieve their production goals. The book covers new information on using metabolomics and nanotechnology in agriculture. In these circumstances, all new data and technology are very important in plant science. The topics in this book are practical and user-friendly. They allow practitioners, students, and academicians with specific background knowledge to feel confident about the principles presented on a new generation of molecular plant biotechnology applications.

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