Terry E. Moschandreou

London International Academy

Dr. Terry E. Moschandreou has completed his Ph.D. in applied mathematics at the University of Western Ontario in June 1997. The area of study concentrated on theoretical fluid mechanics and complex analysis. His thesis advisor was Dr. Mair Zamir who finished his Ph.D. at London Imperial College in the UK. Dr. Moschandreou has worked in research and primarily teaching since that time. He presently teaches advanced mathematics for Goode Educational Services based in Mississauga in Ontario Canada. He is also affiliated with London International Academy where he hopes to teach continuously. Dr. Moschandreou's research areas are in partial differential equations and applications to Navier-Stokes equations both existence and construction of solutions.

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The editor has incorporated scientific contributions from a diverse group of leading researchers in the field of hematology and related blood cell research. This book aims to provide an overview of current knowledge pertaining to our understanding of hematology. The main subject areas will include blood cell morphology and function, the pathophysiology and genetics of hematological disorders and malignancies, blood testing and typing, and the processes governing hematopoiesis. Blood cell physiology, biochemistry and blood flow are covered in this book. This text is designed for hematologists, pathologists and laboratory staff in training and in practice. The work presented in this book will be of benefit to medical students and to researchers of hematology and blood flow in the microcirculation.This book is written primarily for those who have some knowledge of chemistry, biochemistry and general hematology. The authors of each section bring a strong clinical emphasis to the book.

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