Jorge Rocha

University of Lisbon

Jorge Rocha, a geographer, was born in Lisbon in 1970. He is an MSc degree holder in Geographic Information Systems (2003) and in Territorial Management (2013) and a PhD degree holder in Geographic Information Science (2012). Currently, he is an assistant professor of the Institute of Geography and Spatial Planning and a member of the Modelling, Urban and Regional Planning and Environmental Hazard and Risk Assessment and Management research groups of the Centre for Geographical Studies, all from the University of Lisbon. His fields of expertise are geosimulation and geocomputation involving artificial neural networks, graphs theory, cellular automata and multi-agent systems. Jorge’s work is quite diverse, focusing mainly on, but not exclusively, urban morphology, remote sensing, epidemiology, health geography, smart cities and big data (geomarketing and tourism).

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Multi-agent system (MAS) is an expanding field in science and engineering. It merges classical fields like game theory with modern ones like machine learning and computer science. This book provides a succinct introduction to the subject, covering the theoretical fundamentals as well as the latter developments in a coherent and clear manner. The book is centred on practical applications rather than introductory topics. Although it occasionally makes reference to the concepts involved, it will do so primarily to clarify real-world applications. The inner chapters cover a wide spectrum of issues related to MAS uses, which include collision avoidance, automotive applications, evacuation simulation, emergence analyses, cooperative control, context awareness, data (image) mining, resilience enhancement and the management of a single-user multi-robot.

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