Aida Alvinius

Swedish Defence University, Sweden

Aida Alvinius (Ph.D sociolog., Karlstad University, Sweden) is associate professor and university lecturer at the Department of Security, Strategy and Leadership, Swedish Defence University. She has published articles, chapters in books, and research reports within the field of organisation, collaboration, gender studies and leadership, sociology of disasters, and military sociology.

Aida Alvinius

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The development of gender differences as an area of research has been rapid over the last decades. Varieties of studies have focused on the gender differences as well as the similarities of women and men. The common purpose of the research attempt is to find out the possibilities and even the consequences of gender differences and the impact on human beings on one side, and social and cultural environment on the other. This book is an attempt to provide theoretical and empirical framework to better understand gender differences in various contexts and on different levels. Therefore, the contributions cover an array of themes that span from an individual level to an organizational and societal level.

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