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Iyad Karamé, PhD. He is a professor at the Faculty of sciences in the Lebanese University in Beirut. Director of the Organometallic Catalysis and Materials Laboratory, in the department of Chemistry. He got his PhD degree from Claude Bernard-Lyon 1 university in France in January 2004. He was an assistant professor and researcher (ATER) at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France, for one year (2004-2005). A researcher at the Leibniz Institut für Katalyse in Rostock (Germany) (2005-2006) and then at the Laboratory of Organometallic Chemistry of surface, CPE-Lyon till 2008. His principal axis of research are Organometallic Catalysis, Green Chemistry, CO2 chemistry and Synthesis of chelating macrocyles for the complexation of metals.

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Fossil fuels still need to meet the growing demand of global economic development, yet they are often considered as one of the main sources of the CO2 release in the atmosphere. CO2, which is the primary greenhouse gas (GHG), is periodically exchanged among the land surface, ocean, and atmosphere where various creatures absorb and produce it daily. However, the balanced processes of producing and consuming the CO2 by nature are unfortunately faced by the anthropogenic release of CO2. Decreasing the emissions of these greenhouse gases is becoming more urgent. Therefore, carbon sequestration and storage (CSS) of CO2, its utilization in oil recovery, as well as its conversion into fuels and chemicals emerge as active options and potential strategies to mitigate CO2 emissions and climate change, energy crises, and challenges in the storage of energy.

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