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Dr. Adriano O. Andrade graduated in Electrical Engineering at the Federal University of Goiás (Brazil) in 1997. He received his MSc and PhD in Biomedical Engineering respectively from the Federal University of Uberlândia (Brazil) in 2000 and from the University of Reading (UK) in 2005. He completed a one year Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering of the University of New Brunswick (Canada) in 2010. Currently, he is Professor in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Federal University of Uberlândia. He has authored and co-authored more than 100 peer-reviewed publications in Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Andrade’s primary area of research is focused towards getting information from the neuromuscular system in order to understand its strategies of organization, adaptation and controlling. His research interests include Biomedical Signal Processing and Modelling, Assistive Technology and Rehabilitation Engineering.

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Biomedical Engineering is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary field that combines engineering with life sciences. The relevance of this area can be perceived in our everyday lives every time we go to hospital, receive medical treatment or even when we buy health products such as an automatic blood pressure monitor device. Over the past years we have experienced a great technological development in health care and this is due to the joint work of engineers, mathematicians, physicians, computer scientists and many other professionals. This book introduces a collection of papers organized into three sections that provide state of the art examples of practical applications in Biomedical Engineering in the area of Biomedical Signal Processing and Modelling, Biomaterials and Prosthetic Devices, and Biomedical Image Processing.

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