Hosam M. Saleh

Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority

Hosam Saleh is a Professor of Radioactive Waste Management at the Radioisotope Department, Atomic Energy Authority, Egypt. He obtained an MSc and Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Cairo University. Dr. Saleh has more than twenty-three years of experience in hazardous waste management with an emphasis on treatment and developing new matrixes for the immobilization of these wastes. He is also interested in studying innovative economic and environmentally friendly techniques for the management of hazardous and radioactive wastes. He has authored many peer-reviewed scientific papers and chapters and edited several books from international publishers. He was selected among the top 2% of scientists in the world according to the Stanford University report for 2020.

11books edited

11chapters authored

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The world is currently experiencing increased environmental contamination with solid waste, which is one of the greatest environmental threats today. Although solid waste is harmful, proper management and profitable recycling can make it beneficial to the environment. In this regard, estimation of the true quantities of solid wastes generated annually in developed and developing countries is important for evaluating suitable strategies for economic and sustainable procedures of waste management. This book presents an interesting review of the economics of solid waste management in various developing and developed countries. It examines several economic applications of solid waste, such as innovative methods to generate bioelectricity from organic waste using microbial fuel cells and using solid waste as an alternative fuel in cement kilns.

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