İlhami Gok

Kafkas UniversityTurkey

Assistant Professor, İlhami GÖK, was born in the town of Denizli, Çameli. After completing his primary and secondary education in Denizli, He began Atatürk University in the academic year 1983-84, Faculty of Arts and Scie the Department of Biology . He graduated from this department in 1987 and began his career as a biology teacher Ministry of Education . Than , he began KTU Institute of Health Sciences, Department of Medical Biology in 1988 began a program of his master. He complated KTU Department of Medical Biology, Faculty of Medicine in 1991, After completing masters degree in 1996 and began doctoral studies at the Institute of Science and KTU Institute of Science and molecular Biology in 2002. He took his Ph.D. degree in 2004, He has been working as asistant Kafkas University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences , Department of Biology, KARS-TURKEY

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