Jorge Vizcarra

Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University United States of America

Dr. Vizcarra obtained his Bachelor degree in his home country as an Ingeniero Agrónomo at the University of Uruguay in 1981. He subsequently obtained his Master and PhD degree at Oklahoma State University in 1991 and 1994, respectively. Currently, Dr. Vizcarra is an Associate Professor at the Department of Food and Animal Science at Alabama A&M University. Dr. Vizcarra has published over 150 papers in various peer-reviewed scientific journals, proceedings, abstracts, and GeneBank. He has been a contributing expert in several multimedia educational programs and book chapters. Dr. Vizcarra also teaches face-to face and distance education courses including Reproductive Physiology, Statistics, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Poultry Science, and Graduate Seminar.

Jorge Vizcarra

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This is a must-have book for those interested in reproduction. It provides a full account of our current knowledge of the hormones intimately associated with testicular and ovarian function. Each chapter is carefully organized to cover basic concepts and recent advances in gonadotropin synthesis and secretion. The information is presented in a sequence that provides researchers, teachers, and students with a logical integration of the reproductive axis. Practical applications associated with reproductive management of domestic species are also provided. Taken together, this book is a comprehensive combination of fundamental endocrine concepts and original findings in the area of gonadotropin function.

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