Mustafa Yildiz

Ankara University

Mustafa Yildiz received his PhD in 2000 from Ankara University, Turkey. He is currently working as a Professor at Faculty of Agriculture, Department of Field Crops at the same university. Prof. Yildiz’s research area includes: plant tissue culture, plant biotechnology, molecular markers, Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated gene transfer, plant stress physiology, plant immune system, plant defense mechanism, and plant breeding. Mustafa Yildiz has authored over 170 scientific publications, two books, and 7 book chapters. He was awarded with the 1st place in the \'International Sunflower Project Market” by the \'International Sunflower Association” for his project titled \'A New Environmental Friendly Production Method in Sunflower for High Seed and Crude Oil Yields”. Prof. Yildiz has also carried out many other research projects. Prof. Yildiz currently carries out a research project aiming to improve salt-tolerant bread wheat cultivars.

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Potato is the world's fourth food crop after maize, wheat, and rice and is a staple crop in many diets throughout the world with a high source of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins. Biotic and abiotic stress factors give rise to decrease in yield. That is why improvement of new cultivars resistant to stress factors by conventional and biotechnological methods is extremely important. The most important factor in production increase is the use of healthy seed tubers along with using drought-, heat-, and salt-tolerant cultivars. On the other hand, protection and storage of surplus crops, which are the most important stage in its marketability, are the main problems in potato. In this book, all these issues are discussed, and it is hoped that the book Potato will help growers and researchers in solving problems in potato cultivation.

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