Ľubomír Šooš

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava

Lubomír Šooš is currently a Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. His professional background is in the theory and design, especially design of Machine Tools and Equipment for Machinery Production. In recent years Mr. Šooš has gathered considerable experience in the research and development of machines and equipment for treatment and recycling of waste, and its transfer to alternative sources as row material or energy. Among his most important works are “Headstock of the lathe SBL 500”, “DUPLO headstock”, “Briquetting press BL 50-250”, “Disintegrating machine DZ 240”, “Pelleting mill PL 100” or other. Until now, he was working on more than 31 international and national research projects, published more than 295 scientific articles in journals and Scientific Proceedings, is the author of 49 national and international patents. as well as the author or co-author of several scientific monographs. Some titles that have been well received are: "Upravljanie otpada at Slavačkoj", "Design of CNC machine tools","Performance Evaluation of Bearings", "Wood waste ... what we do with it?", "Waste - Environmental technologies", "Recycling technologies", "Termohydro chemical processing tools material" or “Biomass”. As a Leader or member of a team he participated on several projects; Framework Programs EU: 5th - “ERA – Bioenergy strategy”, 6th – “Slan-braw” or 7th - “Manunet” or other internationals projects “WASTRE”, “TIMEA”, “IDEA” or Praxis. He is a member of several scientific boards of national and international scientific conferences (ERIN, TOP, WASTE-TO-ENERGY) and editorial boards of international scientific journals “Manufacturing Technology”, “Praise Worthy Prize”, “Waste Management Forum”, “21th Century” and others. Professor Šooš has very good collaboration with Industry. He is also Vice-President of the Automotive Industry Association and Vice-President of Mechanical Engineering Association of the Slovak Republic. He is a member of the Committee of Ministry of Environment for “Applying and License granting”. He also has very good collaboration with internationals institutions and research centers in Austria, Czech Republic, Germany, Serbia, Great Britain and others. For his achievements he received “Award of Rector TU” Novi Sad (Srb), Award of FME CVUT(CZ), Medal of Georgia Agricoly in Ostrava (CZ), and “Professor of the year 2015” (SK).

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