Atul Srivastava

Indian Institute of Tropical MeteorologyIndia

Dr. Atul Kumar Srivastava received his PhD degree from the Department of Physics, Pune University, Pune, India on \'Observational and Modeling Studies on Aerosols and Clouds over Tropical Station in India\' in the year 2008. After that he joined as Scientist-B at the Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (Branch), New Delhi and continuing as Scientist-C. He received Young Scientist Award from Peking University, Beijing, China for participation in 12th IGAC conference during September 2012. His research interests are to understand and quantify various aerosol characteristics and their direct and indirect impacts on climate change through measurements and modeling. He has published more than 40 research papers in refereed International Journals and his research work has been recognized in India and abroad. One of his research articles on ‘Black carbon aerosols over Manora Peak in the Indian Himalayan foothills: implications for climate forcing’, published in Environmental Research Letters, Vol. 7, pp014002 (2012) has been recognized and highlighted as the Insight News Article as ‘Insight: Black carbon aerosols in the Himalayas’ []. He has also contributed a Book Chapter entitled ‘Aerosol characteristics over the Indo-Gangetic Basin: Implications to regional climate’, published by InTech Publication (in 2012) titled ‘Atmospheric Aerosols - Regional Characteristics - Chemistry and Physics’ [ISBN: 978-953-51-0728-6].

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