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Malmö University Sweden

Dr Magnus Johnsson is a cross-disciplinary scientist, lecturer, scientific editor and AI/machine learning consultant from Sweden. He is currently at Malmö University in Sweden, but also held positions at Lund University in Sweden and at Moscow Engineering Physics Institute. He holds editorial positions at several international scientific journals and has served as a scientific editor for books and special journal issues. His research interests are wide and include, but are not limited to, autonomous systems, computer modeling, artificial neural networks, artificial intelligence, cognitive neuroscience, cognitive robotics, cognitive architectures, cognitive aids and the philosophy of mind. Dr. Johnsson has experience from working in the industry and he has a keen interest in the application of neural networks and artificial intelligence to fields like industry, finance, and medicine. Web page:

Magnus Johnsson

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The self-organizing map, first described by the Finnish scientist Teuvo Kohonen, can by applied to a wide range of fields. This book is about such applications, i.e. how the original self-organizing map as well as variants and extensions of it can be applied in different fields. In fourteen chapters, a wide range of such applications is discussed. To name a few, these applications include the analysis of financial stability, the fault diagnosis of plants, the creation of well-composed heterogeneous teams and the application of the self-organizing map to the atmospheric sciences.

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