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Associate professor Dr. Budi Haryanto, MSPH, MSc is Head of Research Division of the Research Center for Climate Change and Former chairman of the Department of Environmental Health - Faculty of Public Health (2004-2011) at the Universitas Indonesia. Dr. Haryanto has participated in numerous environmental epidemiology studies and nutritional therapy of environmental exposures. In addition to research on health effects in children of air pollution, including lead, PM 2.5, nano-particles, and biological exposures, Dr. Haryanto is also interested in the effects of magnetic fields on human health, community trial of calcium supplement intervention to reduce children\'s blood lead levels and antioxidant intervention to reduce sick building syndrome among professionals working in high buildings in Jakarta. Most recently he has actively contributed to the studies and development of policy strategy and action plan of health adaptation to climate change. Dr. Haryanto is a Board Director of the Pacific Basin Consortium on Environmental and Health, Vice president of the Indonesian Clean Emission Partnerships, Head Division of Development Environmental Health Sciences and Chairman of Working Group for Climate Change and Human Health, the Indonesian Public Health Association, and a member of numerous international and national professional societies and organizations, including the International Society of Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE), International Union on Air Pollution Protection Association (IUAPPA), Clean Air Initiative in Asian Cities (CAI), Indonesian Environmental Health Association, and Indonesian Epidemiological Network (IEN). Dr. Haryanto received his PhD in epidemiology from the Faculty of Public Health Universitas Indonesia, two master degrees in Environmental Health and Epidemiology from the Universitas Indonesia and the University of California at Los Angeles respectively.

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The links between air pollutants and health impacts are many and complex. The environmental health community is being challenged to take stronger mitigation to respect population health and is taking opportunities to further their implication. Recognizing, observing, and analyzing exposures are a promising way forward, but also raise a myriad of new challenges and questions, including what such approaches are, when and how they can put into practice, and what their implications are for protecting human health. This book gives an overview of key issues in air pollution. Reviews and research papers describe air pollution in a variety of context, such as: evolution of air pollutant, urban structure effects, exposure in agriculture, surface ozone monitoring, the respiratory diseases impacts, appropriate technology, and response management to the air pollution.

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