Juraj Králik

Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Slovakia

Curriculum Vitae Personal data Juraj Králik, prof., Ing., CSc. Born 2 August 1952 in Bratislava Professional experience 1975-1988 Senior lecturer in Faculty of CE STU Bratislava 1988-2011 Associate professor in Applied Mechanics 2011- Professor in Applied Mechanics 1983-2000 Head of Computer laboratory FCE STU Bratislava 2000-2007 Head of Department of structural mechanics FCE STU Bratislava 2008- Head of Division of structural mechanics FCE STU Bratislava 2010- Member of Central Committee of the Association of Structural Mechanics AS in Slovakia 2012- Member of Scientific Grant Agency of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic and the Slovak Academy of Sciences Education 1970-1975 University studies at Faculty of Civil Engineering STU Bratislava 1976-1981 Postgraduate studies at Faculty of Civil Engineering STU Bratislava 1993 - Authorized Civil Engineer 2004 - Authorized Expert for Safety Control of Nuclear Power Plants Residence abroad 1981 – Research fellowship in University of Pierre and Marie Curie Paris VI, Polytechnic of Bridges and Roads Paris 1989 - Research fellowship in University of Liege, University of Bruxelles 1998 - Technology University in Opole Professional cooperation Siemens AG KWU Offenbach (DE), Framatom (DE), EQE International (US), ENEL (IT), Stevenson and Associates (CR), IAEA Vienna (AT), Euroatom (AT), SparTEK (US), RELKO Bratislava (SR), VUEZ Levice (SR), VÚJE Trnava (SR) and others. Languages French – written-70, spoken-60, read-70, English- written-80, spoken-60, read-80, Russian - written-90, spoken-90, read-90, English language course of Delaware County Community College (1993), French language course in CAVILAM in Vichy France (1981). Research field The statics and dynamics of the civil engineering structures, Earthquake engineering, Nonlinear mechanics of steel and reinforced concrete structures, Safety and reliability of the Nuclear Power Plants, Optimization of structures, Soil-structure and Fluid-structure interaction. Research works and publications A._Grant projects: 1._Probability and reliability of nuclear power plants buildings, 2._Structural soil interaction solution under earthquake and explosion loads for non-linear behavior of materials, 3._Seismic resistant analysis of nuclear power plant buildings, 4._Program of detection and mitigation of ageing effects of nuclear power plants, 5._Reliability of the structures under the effects of the accidental loads, Improve the safety of the nuclear power plants. B._Publications: Books and textbooks: 13, Journals: 51, Conferences: 325, Projects and expert’s reports: 132, Citation in research papers: 391. Profession organization Slovak Chamber of Civil Engineers, Member of ISO/TC 98/SC 3 eCommittee, Slovak Association of Mechanics, ANSYS User’s Club, European Association for Earthquake Engineering Honors 1._Award of Engineering Academy in CR for research paper „Probability Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structure Failure of Nuclear Power Plants Due to Loss of Coolant Accident“ in Journal „Engineering Mechanics“ in 2006. 2. Award of Criminalist and Expert Institute of Police Force SR for research and expert cooperation, January 2006. 3. _Award of Institute of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics of the ASCR for development of the theory of probabilistic design of the structures based on simulation methods in 2007. 4. Award of Rector of VŠB-Technical University of Ostrava for cooperation and development of probabilistic design of the structures and presentation of the research results on international conference „ Reliability of structures“ in 2007. 5. Award of National Literary Found in SR for monograph “Safety and Reliability of Nuclear Power Buildings in Slovakia. Earthquake-Impact-Explosion.” in 2010.

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