Fernando Allende Álvarez

Autonomous University of Madrid Spain

Dr. Fernando Allende Álvarez is an associate professor of Regional Geographical Analysis at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) and has a PhD in Geography (2007). He combines modelling and field studies of vegetation and climate using quantitative and qualitative data. His research focuses on woodland ecology, mountain climates, geomorphology, and applied techniques in remote sensing and geographical information systems (GIS). He has collaborated in multidisciplinary research groups with different universities and institutions in Europe, Latin America, and the USA.

Fernando Allende Álvarez

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The history and past management of trees within woodlands are the main objectives of this book. The authors show four points of view about one theme: silvicultures. Wood pasture systems of South East England and Northern Italy, Spanish pollard forests, and Portuguese montado are great examples of European ancient forests. Reconstruction of forest ecology, management, protection, and the understanding of these silvicultures from different perspectives are the main values of this monograph. The authors would like to make all readers aware of the value of ancient forests as cultural and socioecosystem services.

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Silvicultures Management and Conservation Authored by Fernando Allende Álvarez


Authored by Fernando Allende Álvarez