Asim Bhatti

Deakin UniversityAustralia

Dr. Bhatti is affiliated with Centre for Intelligent Systems Research, Deakin University, Australia. He has been actively involved in Research and development in the areas of Computer Vision and Image/Signal processing as well as Haptics and human machine interfaces. Dr. Bhatti has authored two books on the theory and applications of wavelets and multiwavelets analysis in signal and image process and has edited one book on stereo vision. Dr. Bhatti has published over 45 peer reviewed research papers and is awarded a worldwide patent on haptics. He has been part of number of successful competitive research grants and R&D funding through industrial collaboration.

3books edited

2chapters authored

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The book presents a wide range of innovative research ideas and current trends in stereo vision. The topics covered in this book encapsulate research trends from fundamental theoretical aspects of robust stereo correspondence estimation to the establishment of novel and robust algorithms as well as applications in a wide range of disciplines. Particularly interesting theoretical trends presented in this book involve the exploitation of the evolutionary approach, wavelets and multiwavelet theories, Markov random fields and fuzzy sets in addressing the correspondence estimation problem. Novel algorithms utilizing inspiration from biological systems (such as the silicon retina imager and fish eye) and nature (through the exploitation of the refractive index of liquids) make this book an interesting compilation of current research ideas.

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