Marcello Chiaberge

Polytechnic University of Turin Italy

Marcello Chiaberge is assistant professor at Department of Electronic and Telecommunications - Politecnico di Torino and responsible and coordinator of the Electronic Group at Mechatronics Laboratory (LIM) of Politecnico di Torino. His research interests are: hardware implementation of neural networks and fuzzy systems, design and implementation of reconfigurable computing architectures for hard-real-time control systems, design and implementation of hybrid control systems based on programmable state-of-the-art devices (DSP, FPGA and FPAA), implementation of fault-tolerance communication networks based on plastic optical fibers (POF). Another research field is the design and implementation of non-conventional power driver systems for special actuaction systems in the automotive, industrial and space fields of application. He is also involved in the design and control of small rovers for space exploration, archeological prospecting and humanitarian/anti-terrorism application in collaboration with Piedmont Region, Thales Alenia Space and Italian Space Agency (ASI). Chiaberge is an IEEE member, the author of more than 60 articles accepted in international conferences and reviews and a co-author of 7 international patents.

Marcello Chiaberge

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This book is divided in five main parts (production technology, system production, machinery, design and materials) and tries to show emerging solutions in automotive industry fields related to OEMs and no-OEMs sectors in order to show the vitality of this leading industry for worldwide economies and related important impacts on other industrial sectors and their environmental sub-products.

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