Shkelzen Cakaj

University of Pristina Kosovo

Dr. Shkelzen Cakaj has received his BSc and MSc degrees from Prishtina University in Kosovo. Since 2003 is cooperating with Technical University in Vienna, where he has prepared his Master Thesis. He was awarded a PhD in area of satellite communications from Zagreb University, in January 2008. Later on, in 2009, as Fulbright scholar, he continued his post doctorate research at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) at Maryland, USA. He is the author of 60 papers published in worldwide conferences and journals; mostly IEEE and also engaged as a reviewer. His area of interest is the satellite ground station performance. He is lecturing satellite systems at Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania. On 2016 he was awarded as Albanian ICT Researcher of the Year 2015.

Shkelzen Cakaj

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Parametric representation of shapes, mechanical components modeling with 3D visualization techniques using object oriented programming, the well known golden ratio application on vertical and horizontal displacement investigations of the ground surface, spatial modeling and simulating of dynamic continuous fluid flow process, simulation model for waste-water treatment, an interaction of tilt and illumination conditions at flight simulation and errors in taxiing performance, plant layout optimal plot plan, atmospheric modeling for weather prediction, a stochastic search method that explores the solutions for hill climbing process, cellular automata simulations, thyristor switching characteristics simulation, and simulation framework toward bandwidth quantization and measurement, are all topics with appropriate results from different research backgrounds focused on tolerance analysis and optimal control provided in this book.

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