Walter Hurley

University of Illinois

Walter L. Hurley is a Professor Emeritus in the Department of Animal Sciences at the University of Illinois in Urbana, Illinois, USA. His research has focused on a broad range of topics related to the biology of lactation and his studies have examined aspects of comparative milk composition, immunoglobulin transport through colostrum, lactation physiology, and mammary gland development, function and involution in cattle and swine. At the University of Illinois, he teaches courses on lactation biology, handling of domestic farm animals, and student discovery of careers in animal sciences. He has been a recipient of a number of recognitions for his teaching, and has shared his experience and knowledge of concepts of teaching and learning with many national and international audiences. His online, open access Lactation Biology course (Coursera, Lactation Biology) includes over 120 short videos, offering learners fundamental information about the biology of lactation and how the mammary gland develops and functions.

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This book provides insights into a wide range of topics related to milk protein. The chapters of this book will be of significant value to those interested in dairy foods, milk chemistry, cheese production, human health, neonatal development, lactation and mammary gland biology, and milk protein production. These chapters explore a range of topics related to milk protein, including: bioactivities of milk proteins and the peptides generated from those proteins; novel functions ascribed for some milk proteins; how processing of milk can impact milk proteins; allergies associated with consumption of milk; genetic variation of milk proteins; application of genomic technologies to explore expression of proteins during milk synthesis; and production of milk and milk protein as affected by environmental factors.

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