Julianna Cseri

University of DebrecenHungary

Julianna Cseri, M.D., Ph.D., is currently a College Full Professor at the Department of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Public Health, University of Debrecen, Debrecen, Hungary. She is a physiologist working in the field of the skeletal muscle physiology. She has awarded general medicine diploma in 1973 in the University Medical School of Debrecen and started the scientific work at the Department of Physiology, University Medical School of Debrecen (later Faculty of Medicine University of Debrecen), focusing on the electrophysiological characteristics of the skeletal muscle fibres. She achieved scientific qualification from the muscle electrophysiology. Her interest later was turned to the proliferation and differentiation of the skeletal muscle fibres in cell culture condition and the role of intracellular calcium homeostasis in the myogenesis and the muscle function. This work is closely related to the muscle regeneration in vivo which has theoretical and practical significance in the field of physiotherapy.

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The book ‘Skeletal Muscle – From Myogenesis to Clinical Relations’ offers a wide range of topics related to the skeletal muscle morphology and function. Chapters deal with the process of myogenesis and the regeneration of skeletal muscle as well as the morphological and functional changes on the effect of exercise or disuse. Implementation of molecular biology techniques in the investigations reveals new perspective in the understanding of skeletal muscle disorders. The deeper exploration of the neuromuscular signal transduction and modification offers more stable basis for clinical interventions. The section ‘Clinical relations’ highlights the background of altered muscle function in some types of myopathies and diabetes mellitus. The book is recommended to scientists, clinicians and students in the field of medical and health sciences as well as the readers who are interested in the proliferation and differentiation processes.

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