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Prof Vito Bobek currently works as a Professor of International Management at the University of Applied Sciences FH Joanneum (Graz, Austria) and at the University of Maribor (Slovenia). He is also a manager and owner of Palemid – Consulting, Research, Education LLC. His other positions are: Member of supervisory board at KBM Infond (Investment company, Maribor, Slovenia), Regional editor for Central and Eastern Europe at “European Journal of International Management”, Member of editorial board at “International Journal of Trade and Global Markets”, Member of editorial board at “Imago Europae” (Florence, Italy), Member of “Team Europe Slovenia”. His research interests are related to International Business, Strategic Management, Regional Economic Integration, Cross-Cultural Management and Management of Cities and Regions.

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Today's international trade is radically more complex. The revolution in information and communication technologies fostered an internationalisation of supply chains which created a nexus between trade, investment, and services which is at the heart of so much of today's international commerce. The degree of recent change has created an uncertainty that now demands new global trade systems - a new set of rules for the new environment. This book tackles some of the unresolved issues in international trade that will continue to press into the next decades. Covering an array of topics critical to today's scholar, economic policy designer and business leader, the book International Trade from Economic and Policy Perspective is comprised of four sections: International Trade Theories, Trade Patterns, Government Policies and International Trade, and Business Perspective of International Trade.

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