Liang-Feng Lin

National Chengchi University Taiwan

Dr Liang-Feng Lin is Vice Director of Green Energy Finance Research Center and Associate Professor of Accounting at National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan. He received the bachelor degree in Accounting at National Chengchi University (Taipei), the master degree in Accounting, Chengchi University (Taipei) and Temple University (USA), respectively, and the doctor degree at Economics at Temple University. Besides various academic positions at the university, including Secretary General of Center for Public & Business Administration Education and Director of Learning Research Center, Dr Lin serves as Independent Board Director at South China Insurance Company. He has worked two large-scale national projects with Professor Li-Fang Chou in energy economics and management from National Science Council and Ministry of Education.

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Taiwan a typical small Asian country with few energy resources is well known for its high-tech industry in the last 20 years. However as a member of the global village Taiwan feels the responsibility to reduce carbon emissions. The book tells you how Taiwan transforms itself from a high-tech island to become a low carbon island. The book address Taiwan's low-carbon developmental policies of the past 10 years, applies an econometric approach to estimate Taiwan's sector department CO2 emissions, shows how environmental change affects the economic growth of Taiwan, and provides two successful examples of low-carbon pilot regions in Taiwan. Stephen Shen, the Minister of the Environment Protection Agency of Taiwan, believes that the book arrives at the right time, because this is the time to educate the people of Taiwan, about the necessary action for achieving a low carbon society.

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