Gastón Orlando Suvire

National University of San LuisArgentina

Gaston Orlando Suvire was born in San Juan, Argentina, on November 13, 1977. He graduated as an electric engineer from the National University of San Juan (UNSJ), Argentina in 2002. He received his Ph.D. from the same University in 2009, carrying out part in the COPPE Institute, in the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Dr. Suvire is currently a professor of electrical engineering at the UNSJ and a researcher with CONICET. His research interests include simulation methods, power systems dynamics and control, power electronics modeling and design, and the application of wind energy and energy storage in power systems.

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The evolution of wind power generation is being produced with a very high growth rate at world level (around 30%). This growth, together with the foreseeable installation of many wind farms in a near future, forces the utilities to evaluate diverse aspects of the integration of wind power generation in the power systems. This book addresses a wide variety of issues regarding the integration of wind farms in power systems. It contains 10 chapters divided into three parts. The first part outlines aspects related to technical regulations and costs of wind farms. In the second part, the potential estimation and the impact on the environment of wind energy project are presented. Finally, the third part covers issues of the siting assessment of wind farms.

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