Chia-Hung Hsieh

China Medical University Taiwan

Dr Chia-Hung Hsieh is an associate professor at the Graduate Institute of Basic Medical Science, Faculty of Medicine, China Medical University in Taichung, Taiwan. He obtained both his MS and PhD degree from the National Yang Ming University, Taipei, Taiwan. Dr. Hsieh has held positions second lieutenant as Medical Officer in the Armed Forces at Taichung General Hospital and as post doctoral fellow at Academia Sinica. His research experience is focused primary on Molecular Imaging and Medicine, Molecular Cell Biology, Nuclear Medicine, Tumor and Radiation Biology, as well as on Radiation Science and Radiological Technology. His research interests include Molecular Imaging, Molecular Therapy, Molecular Mechanism of Cancer Biology, and Radiation Oncology.

Chia-Hung Hsieh

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This book's stated purpose is to provide a discussion of the technical basis and clinical applications of positron emission tomography (PET), as well as their recent progress in nuclear medicine. It also summarizes current literature about research and clinical science in PET. The book is divided into two broad sections: basic science and clinical science. The basic science section examines PET imaging processing, kinetic modeling, free software, and radiopharmaceuticals. The clinical science section demonstrates various clinical applications and diagnoses. The text is intended not only for scientists, but also for all clinicians seeking recent information regarding PET.

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